For Sale on Ebay

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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For Sale on Ebay

Post by froggy »

any thoughts it worth a punt ?
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Philip Chidlow
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Re: For Sale on Ebay

Post by Philip Chidlow »

This car's familiar. I went to see it once but the clutch was fubar and it was a bit tatty. However this appears to have been relatively well looked after with new clutch etc. If the pump's leaking they are of course fixable but I think the Citroen Car Club might still have some Citroen-donated NEW pumps available to members for about £50. Or it could be leaking from the stop-solenoid seal (which mine was) which is a simple fix. Or, or.... probably worth a punt. But those trims need a repaint! lol
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Tim Leech
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Re: For Sale on Ebay

Post by Tim Leech »

That's been round the houses recently, as phil says it's worth a punt and the pumps are easy to source, in fact I have a spare one!
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Re: For Sale on Ebay

Post by Vince Pepper »

I had the new clutch fitted to K179 RLN, I bought it because the previous owner was going to scrap it as the clutch had failed, I drove it home from Finchley to Northampton with no clutch which was fun, it's not the best BX around and as Tim says it's been passed around a bit, it's had at least three owners since I sold it to Willy a couple of years ago, I advise you to do a search on here with registration number to gain as much info as possible before you bid, I seem to remember one of the owners selling it because of a air getting into the system on the diesel side which meant it would cut out at low revs, which could explain the leaking pump possibly, the seller on eBay has put spares or repairs so may know more then their letting on ( only my opinion btw )

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Re: For Sale on Ebay

Post by themildbunch »

Hope it's not the driveshaft seal leaking - quite common and needs the pump removed from the car - while old pumps can be cheap -you'd really want to reseal it before going to the bother of installation, new cambelt etc....

Changing the pump's not a 5 minute job either- probably at least half the value of a cheap diesel BX unless you DIY - I've just done two on our BX's!
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