MOT failure!

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MOT failure!

Post by deltic »

Annoyingly, just on an earth fault on the rear lights, I should have spotted it. I cleaned up the earth connections which seemed to do the trick but as I couldn't quite tell whether there was some optical illusion between the indicator and tail light I decide to dismantle the rear light at which point three of the bulbs fell apart! Apart from numberplate lights I don't recall ever replacing any rear bulbs so they must be all at least 17 years old and had obviously deteriorated with age. Something to check.

Re-test tomorrow afternoon.
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Re: MOT failure!

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I had this on mine a few years ago where the taillight was dimming slightly with the indicator on, just earthed direct to the body, problem solved.
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Re: MOT failure!

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Me too. I have soldered in big fat earth cables from the PCBs to the bodywork earth terminal. Annoyingly my MOT tester was keen on checking for the dimming interference from the indicators.
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Re: MOT failure!

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And me, common weak spot.
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