Coolant hose from engine to oil cooler

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Coolant hose from engine to oil cooler

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Hi guys I have a pinhole in my hose looking for a replacement

It’s a 1.9 auto and it goes from engine to oil cooler on top of gearbox

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Re: Coolant hose from engine to oil cooler

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Your close-up photos make it difficult to identify the parts; try a shot or two from further back, with an arrow/marker added.

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Re: Coolant hose from engine to oil cooler

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If that is a hose for an autobox oil cooler it will be tricky to find a replacement. You might have to consider repairing the hose by inserting a piece of copper pipe or even bandaging it with some self annealing silicone tape or making up a new one from silicon hose with suitable bends added.
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Re: Coolant hose from engine to oil cooler

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I have boxes of hoses, if u can remove the offending item then photo it and post it i may have something.
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