K1G / 150C engine Interchangeability

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K1G / 150C engine Interchangeability

Post by tissaoui »

I have an old BX (1986) with a 150C engine that is almost dead, can I replace it by the newer post 1988 version (K1G)? What would I need to replace?

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Post by AndersDK »

Front subframe (!)
Weld on a new type engine support (car's) LHS inner wing top at strut.
Air filter box & ducting
Coolant hosing
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic main (rigid steel) pipe pump to PR
Hydraulic feed (rigid steel) pipe PR to safety valve

BTW its the same job whatever engine you decide to put in there instead of the type 150 ...

My advice : find a good 150 engine from a BX/Peug205
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