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Hi everyone, just thought I would introduce myself and tell you about my car. Just before xmas I paid £495 for a 1991 grey meteor TGD ? with an auto box.It came with full ticket and I use it every day.Iguess the price I paid suggests I'm not a particularly rational person and I agree. I have wanted one of these beautiful cars ever since spotting a gts version sometime in the late 80's.So it will be a labour of love for me and I hope to get years out of it.My partner has has started to refer to my baby as my crime of passion. I tried to upload some pics keeping them within limits but I keep getting bounced will try again.Oh one more thing this car started life in the preston area,Ibought it from west yorkshire and I live in Oldham. I have spotted an identical meteor in chadderton and what I think is a dark green brake in the same area.This proves that once you buy something you begin to see them everywhere. More later. Optimist. 8)

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Hi Optimist.

Welcome to the club. Nice to have another northerner on board, even if you live live on the wrong side of the pennines :lol:

We have a 19TXD Auto which I really like, never mind what others think! It not as fast as a 16valve I know, but it uses a lot less fuel and doesn't brake down as often either. :lol:

Now I'll stand back and wait for the assaults. :lol:
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Welcome optimist, thats a very optimistic name......ok, I'll get my coat..

Diesel auto's are ok, just slow.
As for being more reliable than a valver.....hhmm.... my fleet are all evens at the moment, not one of them has ever failed to get me home. Whats the betting I'll break down tomorrow.....
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